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Thanks for visiting! I'm a doctoral student in cultural anthropology at the University of California, Davis, with general interests in religion, music, anti-colonial movements, and the Caribbean. My primary focus in the past has been the Rastafari movement, its music, and its conceptualizations of nature and power. Currently, I am networking with musicians, artisans, farmers, religious specialists, craft brewers, and activists in Puerto Rico.

I earned my MA in Cultural Sustainability from Goucher College in 2015, after completing a thesis that explored Rastafari thought and practice in the context of urban farming and arts programming in West Philadelphia. While collaborating with One Art Community Center in an effort to reclaim vacant land for sustainable gardening, I examined how Rasta spirituality, music, and speech traditions are intertwined with ideas about the environment, sustainability, and liberation.

Although I am currently busy with my studies and teaching, I am open to collaborative work with cultural organizations, environmental movements, spiritual communities, and even creative individuals who could use an outside-the-box thinker on their team. I look forward to hearing from you!

Me (Left) with Hon. Priest Oucal Dennyson, EABIC
Bobo Hill, Bull Bay, Jamaica - November, 2010
(More recent photos coming soon)